100 Thousand Chloroquine Phosphate,2 Million Lianhua Qingwen Capsules, Daily Production of Anti-epidemic Drugs Well Guaranteed


(Peng Dan) Cao Xuejun, Deputy Director of the Consumer Goods Industry Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT), said at a press conference on the joint prevention and control mechanism of the State Council on April 8, that drugs are an important material basis and a guarantee for epidemic prevention and control used for first-line medical treatment, to reduce the number of patients. According to him, the material support group has always given top priority to medical security and drug security, strengthened the production monitoring of key drugs, comprehensively promoted the resumption of production in the pharmaceutical industry, strengthened the coordination of production and supply of API, urged enterprises to expand production and reform, and made every effort to ensure the production and supply of key drugs. There are mainly three aspects of work:

Firstly, monitoring the production of drugs for prevention and control.

At the first time, the Chinese Government established a guarantee and dispatching platform for key medical materials, and tracked and monitored the resumption of production of drugs and other key medical materials. From the perspective of drugs, the scope of monitoring has been expanded from the earliest 15 drugs to the present 34 drugs and 78 Chinese herbal decoction pieces. Currently, the production recovery rate of monitored products has reached a normal level, and most products are in sufficient supply.

Secondly, organizing the production of key drugs.

The Chinese Government closely followed the progress of Covid-19 drug r&d, and ensured the stable and adequate supply of drugs to achieve "drug waiting for patients" situation, after the relevant drugs are included in the Diagnosis and Treatment Program. The coordination of chloroquine phosphate, abidor and fabivir in the treatment plan was strengthened, and production was fully resumed in early February. Up to now, chloroquine phosphate has a daily production capacity of 100,000 and a total production capacity of 670,000. Abidor has a daily production capacity of 50,000 and a total production capacity of 800,000. Fabirawe has a daily production capacity of 11,500 and a total production capacity of 137,500.

Thirdly, strengthening the production scheduling of traditional Chinese medicine for clinical treatment.

The 14 proprietary Chinese medicines included in the Diagnosis and Treatment Program have been timely monitored, such as Lianhua Qingwen, Jinhua Qinggan and other key varieties. The enterprise has been producing at full capacity, with relatively sufficient inventory and guaranteed market supply. Up to now, Lianhua qingwen capsule has a daily production capacity of 2 million boxes and a stock of 30 million boxes.

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