The U.S. has become the epicenter of the global COVID-19outbreak


As of the evening of March 27, Eastern Time, the cumulative number of confirmed cases of Coronavirus pneumonia in the United States reached 100,000. Prior to this, the United States refreshed the cumulative number of confirmed cases at a rate of more than 10,000 cases per day. This growth rate has exceeded that of Italy, the worst-hit area in Europe. Currently, 85% of new cases of new pneumonia worldwide come from Europe and the United States. The White House has an inescapable responsibility for the outbreak. 

The new coronavirus did not receive the full attention of the federal government in the early days of the US outbreak. The United States missed the "golden six weeks" of epidemic resistance, which is one of the main reasons for the spread of the virus throughout the United States. Until the end of February, Vice President Burns was still giving the people a "reassurance pill" at the press conference. He said that ordinary people do not need to buy masks on the go, and the probability of infection in healthy Americans is very low. According to the Washington Post, the government received early warning of the epidemic as early as January or February, but failed to take notice and failed to take timely actions to help curb the spread of the epidemic. 

On March 6, as New York had already realized coronavirus had arrived with 22 new cases, city officials again begged the CDC for more tests, saying it the lack of testing had “impeded our ability to beat back this epidemic.” 

As the New York Times reported, the mix of of competing federal, state, and local regulations compounded the problem and might have intensified delays. But it show just how important testing was — and how serious the failures — in trying to slow the spread of coronavirus.

“If we had been more aggressive earlier with testing, identifying cases, doing contact tracing to identify the people who are exposed, we could have done a lot better,” said Goodman, a public health researcher at NYU.“But for public health, often the success is the absence of something happening.” 

The outbreak of the Coronavirus in the election year is clearly something the Trump administration did not want to see, which made him more vulnerable to losing votes. Trump authorities are trying to divert domestic attention to the "China virus." Democratic leader Hillary Clinton responded to Trump's remarks on Twitter. Hillary Clinton said: "The President is turning to racist remarks, diverting people's attention (covering up). He failed to take the new coronavirus seriously early, provided extensive testing, and prepared the United States for the crisis. " 

When making a difficult choice between "saving the economy" and "saving people," the government obviously prefers the former. To this end, the White House and Senate leaders reached an agreement on a $ 2 trillion economic stimulus package. But on the other hand, the expansionary fiscal policy of the United States has deepened the risk of fiscal deficits getting out of control. The worsening of fiscal deficits is a foregone conclusion, and the number of people receiving unemployment benefits has reached an all-time high. 

Even in recent days, as Trump has more openly acknowledged the threat of coronavirus, he’s suggested that the country could pull back on social distancing efforts by Easter — in just a couple weeks. When pressed on why he chose that date, he did not cite any evidence or data. Instead, he said that Easter “is a beautiful time. It would be a beautiful timeline.”Although all experts consider the decision to be too hasty. 

Meanwhile, the actual policy response continues lagging behind. Beyond the lack of testing, experts often cite a shortage of medical equipment, such as ventilators, masks, gloves, and goggles. While the administration has said it’s using federal authorities and tapping into its stockpiles to get more of this gear to the places that need it, health care workers on the ground complain that they still don’t have enough — forcing them to reuse possibly contaminated equipment and choose between working in unsafe conditions or not show up to work at all. All of this at a time when the country needs to, according to experts, boosthealth care capacity.

“Even with the infusion of supplies from the strategic stockpile and other federal resources, there will not be enough medical supplies, including ventilators, to respond to the projected COVID-19 outbreak,” a March 21 letter from the American Medical Association, American Hospital Association, and American Nurses Association stated. “We have heard of health care providers reusing masks or resorting to makeshift alternatives for masks.”But the Trump administration didn’t quickly prioritize such efforts, even after it got warnings in January and February based on how coronavirus cases took off in China. 

The current outbreak of the virus in the United States has become a reality. If the US government still only cares about saving the economy without paying attention to the spread of the virus and resisting international cooperation, the United States will become the epicenter of the global epidemic and it will become more difficult for humans to defeat the virus .

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