Bidding for Operation and Maintenance in Taiyuan High-Speed Railway, Shanxi Encountered


In recent years, with the rapid development of China's transportation technology, high-speed railway has become the label of "made in China" in the new era.China has a vast country with uneven distribution of economy and resources. Where high-speed railway goes, it plays a role of promoting and balancing the economy along the line, speeding up the process of urbanization, driving the investment and development of underdeveloped areas, promoting the formation of traffic economic belt and the rise of high-speed railway new towns.Now, after more than ten years of development and construction, China's high-speed railway has reached 25,000 kilometers, accounting for two-thirds of the world. It goes without saying that China is vigorously developing high-speed railways.

Project bidding is a fairer way to undertake projects, but there are many irregular behaviors in the current bidding market, just like the black hole in the universe, which endangers the fairness of the market.Such as first acting and then reporting, tailor-made bidding, tend to invite bids, implicit announcements, other people’s money, rejecting bids, inviting people to accompany bids, approach the wrong person; collusion in winning the bid, yin and yang contracts and other covert operations.There are many large-scale projects in the tender for the benefit of the country and the people, but this has also become "something much-coveted", it goes to whom?Dark tide surges...

Recently, Taiyuan South Railway Station, the largest high-speed railway station in Shanxi Province, has conducted public bidding for the maintenance service of in-station customer service system.However, in the process of bidding, the tender announcement was withdrawn urgently half a day later by the tenderer, and when it was re-issued, the content of bidding increased the specific authorization of Suzhou Boyuan Rongtian Information Technology Co., Ltd. (Boyuan Rongtian for short) as the access condition.According to the previous announcement of Beijing Century Real Technology Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as Century Real), a Chinese A-share listed company, the controlling shareholders of Boyuan Rongtian have already signed an agreement stipulating that such authorization of Boyuan Rongtian can only be provided to one company of Suzhou Yiweixun Information Technology Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as Yiweixun) but not to other companies.The announcement raised doubts from many potential bidders, but the reply given by the tenderer indicated that "after confirmation with Boyuan Rongtian, it will grant authorization to bidders with certain qualifications.” It is not difficult to notice that Taiyuan South Railway Station and Boyuan Yungtian colluded to illegally transfer the right to decide who can participate in public bidding. This is the obvious blatant announcement that everyone will let Yiweixun win the bid according to the agreement signed by Boyuan Yungtian. The whole bidding process is a decoration, losing the significance of public bidding.This kind of behavior obviously disregards the principle of market fairness and seriously violates the dignity of laws and regulations.

It is reported that the high-speed railway station customer service system includes a number of software, including operating system (such as windows), ticket software, database, network security and other software, the importance of which is based on the travel service software provided by Boyuan Yungtian, but bidders did not request authorization in advance;Moreover, Boyuan Yungtian's software does not have uniqueness. There are many alternative software on the market that can meet the needs of this function. There are many non-company software that are used by stations of the same scale or larger scale.Obviously, it is an illegal act to use designated authorization to exclude potential bidders so as to achieve tender control.This behavior clearly violates Article 32 of the Bidding Law and Article 17 of Ministry of Finance Order No. 87. Should relevant departments and operators be severely punished by law?

Under the fair environment of the rule of law, people should ignore laws and regulations, act recklessly, and damage the fair environment of the market and the stability of transactions. It is more likely to cause potential safety problems at high-speed train stations, leading to the loss of state-owned assets.This kind of under the table operation can neither complete the optimal design required in the operation process of high-speed railway station, nor guarantee the most safe and suitable construction project for the operation of high-speed railway station.This transfer of major work related to the national economy and people's livelihood to designated personnel by illegal means in an imposing manner not only disrupts social equity, undermines national laws and regulations, but also ignores public safety and state responsibility. This kind of injustice really makes people feel cold.

While fighting corruption in depth, the railway system has also begun a new round of personnel adjustment.For example, after Shao Liping was removed from the post of Director of Nanchang Railway Administration, Guo Zhuxue, General Manager of Guangzhou-Shenzhen Railway Company, was transferred to the post of Director of Nanchang Railway Administration, while Li Wenxin, Director of Diversity Center of the railway authority, took over the post of General Manager of Guangzhou-Shenzhen Railway Company.After Lin Fenqiang was removed from the post of Director-General of Hohhot Railway Administration, Yang Yudong, former General Manager of China Railway Express Co., Ltd., took over.The railway authority is planning to promote a new round of railway reform, and the deep anti-corruption of the railway system will also clear up obstacles for the new round of railway reform.

Although the above incidents are only an embarrassing example, who can guarantee that every project in today's rapid development in China is harmonious and bright?The development of high-speed railway is our pride, but we can't let money and greed taint our proud Chinese business card.

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