No regard for laws! Controlled Bidding for the operation and maintenance of the high-speed railway station unexpectedly occurs! Where is the fairness?


In recent years, with the rapid development of China's transportation technology, the high-speed rail has become the label of the "Made in China" in the new era. On September 17, 2017, China State Railway Group Co., Ltd. (China Railway) held a conference on party building and company system reform in Beijing. Lu Dongfu, secretary of the leading Party group of China Railway and general manager, stressed that the company system was the premise for the railway to get rid of government management and march toward the market, that modern corporate governance and strict internal and external supervision was a must to achieve companization, and that the guiding ideology of "improving the state-owned assets supervision system, preventing the loss of state-owned assets, and comprehensively promoting enterprise management according to law” was clarified.

However, even if the China Railway has clarified the guiding ideology of strict supervision, there will still be someone with deviant thoughts who use the powers conferred by the Party and the people to exploit the loopholes of laws.’Utilize black box operation to “customize" the designated bid winner. What on earth is the cause? Is there any dirty trick in the tendering process? It is worthy of attention and deep thought.

Recently, Taiyuan South Railway Station, the largest high-speed railway station in Shanxi Province, conducted a open tendering for the customer service system maintenance service in the station. However, in the tendering process, the tendering notice was urgently removed by the tenderee after being online for half a day, and when it was showed online again, the tendering content added that the specific authorization of the travel service software supplier Suzhou BST Company Ltd. (referred to as BST) was required as an access condition. According to the announcement of China A-share listed company Beijing Century Real Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as Century Real), the controlling shareholder of BST has already signed an agreement stipulating that such authorization of BST could only be provided to Suzhou Yiweixun Information Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as Yiweixun), and could not be offered to other companies. The appearance of such tendering notice caused the doubt of multiple potential bidders, but the tenderer replied that “Through the confirmation with BST, BST will issue authorizations to bidders with certain qualifications.” It was not difficult to see that, Taiyuan South Railway Station and BST colluded to make an illegal transfer of the right to decide who could participate in the open tendering, and this was to tell the public in a naked and blatant manner that, BST would accord with its signed agreement and make Yiweixun win the bidding. The whole tendering and bidding process was just a display, losing the meaning of open tendering. This kind of behavior is a blatant ignorance of the principle of market fairness and seriously disgraces the laws and regulations.

It is reported that the high-speed rail station customer service system includes a number of software, in which the importances of operating systems (such as windows), ticket software, database, network security etc. are greater than that of the travel service software provided by BST, but the requiring of authorization from BST is not informed by the tenderer in advance; and BST's software is not unique, there are a variety of alternative software on the market that can meet this function needs. There are multiple stations of the same scale as Taiyuan South Railway Station or even larger have adopted softwares provided not by BST. The black box operation blatantly handed over such an important work concerning the national economy and the people's livelihood to the internal-decided person through illegal means, which disrupted social fairness, undermined international legal norms, and disregarded public safety and national responsibility.

Obviously, this is an illegal act that uses a designated authorization to crowd out potential bidders to achieve control. This behavior is a clear violation of Article 32 of the Law of the People's Republic of China on Tenders and Bids and Article 17 of the Decree No. 87 of the Ministry of Finance,  should not relevant departments and operators be brought to justice by the law?Is there any violation of laws and regulations by the relevant personnel? I ask the relevant departments to investigate and the media to pay attention to it, so as to prevent the loss of state-owned assets to the maximum extent!

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