Under the rapid changes of the times, see how digital money changes the traditional payment model


The wheel of the times keeps rolling forward, and the unchanging things can't get rid of the fixed number that has been crushed and eliminated. Only by constantly changing the old thinking and injecting new ideas can we survive and move forward. —— Today’s fierce competition, all of us clearly feel

You can never imagine that in the days just passed, how many companies and office workers in a day of competition are facing a crisis of bankruptcy and dismissal because they have slowed down a small step in a highly competitive environment. Banks, as the leader of the financial industry, have a pivotal position in the industry. But 10 years ago, because of an Internet revolution, the first place became precarious.

According to the China Banking Association, an important report was issued: As of the end of 2017, the total number of banking outlets in the country’s banking institutions was 228,700, of which more than 800 were added, compared with 3,800 new outlets in the previous year (2016). The decrease was 375%. Compared with the same period of last year, mobile banking handled a total of 96.929 billion transactions, with a transaction amount of 21.606 billion yuan and 1.502 billion users; they increased by 103.42%, 53.70% and 28.28% respectively over the previous year.

From the above report, you will find that the rise of mobile payments has led to the decline of banks. The two giants of mobile payment: the emergence of Alipay in 2008 and the 14-year WeChat payment, which solved the shortcomings of the bank's complicated business handling, high cash transfer fees and low deposit interest. At present, Alipay has more than 1 billion users worldwide, China accounts for 700 million people, and the number of WeChat users is as high as 1 billion. The huge user base, banks do not want to stand by. Alipay and WeChat payment are quick, simple and easy to operate for the bank. The balance treasure saves money, manages money and earns more money for the people.

The charm of mobile payment in the Internet era is obvious to everyone. Just because you are unconscious, another change in digital currency payments brought about by blockchain technology doesn't know if you can feel it.

Blockchain technology gives the advantage of digital currency decentralization (independent trading) and non-tampering (cannot artificially change records). People use digital currency to pay, which can clarify the whereabouts of each money, because digital currency is traceable. The difference between digital currency and soft sister currency can save the cost of issuing, circulation and settlement of banknotes. Digital currency has the advantages of lower issuing cost, lower transaction cost, traceability and higher cost of fraud.

DRC, as a brand new digital currency project, builds a decentralized real-time content through blockchain technology, transparent and open information, and maintains the user's rights and interests. It is a short video production release, online live broadcast, creative shopping. A comprehensive entertainment chain that is displayed in one. Currently based on the Ruby public chain (Ruby road chain is the world's leading blockchain application technology stack, the first commercial-grade blockchain infrastructure) RU20 issued tokens, followed by the Durian Chain main chain test through the main online line.

After the mobile payment in the Internet era, the future digital currency payment will become a new trend. DRC focuses on the application of ecological scenarios in the physical industry, and will flatten the development of multi-domain and multi-industry applications, including entertainment, games, systems, e-commerce, new retail, online red economy, etc., accompanied by digital currency. Development, DRC will get better and better.

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