InvestDigital accelerated their globalisation strategy Achieved remarkable result in building the ecology of digital currency business


InvestDigital is a world leading digital currency financial institution, the frontier in the wave of decentralised finance (DeFi).

InvestDigital is thrive in blockchain industry to provide digital currency financial services and committed to creating a comprehensive digital currency financial group integrating fund platform, bank and global payment system.

Since the beginning of this year, Bitcoin has once again become the fastest growing asset in the world. With the increasing attention of central banks, multinational financial companies and Internet giants to digital currencies, the digital currency market is expected to enter a long-term bull market. Under this background, InvestDigital rapidly expanded their global impact, adopted a series of publicity and promotion measures, actively deployed markets in Australia, Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, etc., and promoted the InvestDigital eco-certification - IDT digital currency business ecosystem.


InvestDigital four core businesses maps

Globalisation is an inevitable trend

Regionalized transactions and competition are contrary to the decentralization of digital assets and blockchain technology. Limited vision on a single regional market cannot satisfy users' demands for a global ecosystem. InvestDigital focuses on constructing a comprehensive digital currency  financial group that integrates fund platform (financial management), bank (lending), and global payment system (stable currency ecology). The team is also forward-looking and predictive in terms of international layout.

In March 2019, InvestDigital's founding team visited Vietnam several times to research the market situation, extensive contacts with Vietnamese policy makers, business and blockchain industries to investigate the business planning of InvestDigital in the Vietnamese market. During the visiting, InvestDigital team exchanged talks with local mainstream blockchain media Coin68, Coin98, Dapp operation development team and mainstream blockchain investment institutions.

The InvestDigital team stated that the Vietnamese market is an important location in the international layout of InvestDigital. As an economic powerhouse in Southeast Asia, Vietnam's blockchain technology is easier to land and promote properly. It will strengthen cooperation with local enterprises in Vietnam and promote the business of InvestDigital in Vietnam.

Leading blockchain technology is hard power

InvestDigital, as the frontier in the wave of decentralised finance (DeFi), states core values as ‘’ technology-driven, user-oriented”.  The team itself has leading blockchain technology and a rich talent pool, which is also an important strength for InvestDigital to explore the international market.

In April, the InvestDigital core technology team went to Australia to participate in the global Ethereum Community Development Summit EDCON, and conducted technical discussions with the Ethereum core development team. The team's technical strength was highly recognized by the Ethereum core development team.  During the meeting, Vitalik Buterin carefully read the papers published by the InvestDigital team at the international academic conference on digital currency privacy solutions, and discuss in depth with the InvestDigital team about the solutions for privacy protection issue on Ethereum, ERC-20 tokens and stable coins after meeting. In the meantime, the InvestDigital team also discussed issues such as digital currency cross-chain and privacy protection with Cosmos founders and chief scientists, and looked forward to InvestDigital actively supporting the Cosmos business ecosystem.

The blockchain industry has always been technology-centric, a solid technical foundation helps to consolidate the project market position, and is also conducive to project advancement and landing. InvestDigital will take the first step of international operation by exporting leading blockchain technology.

Deep business understanding is soft power

The InvestDigital project has been on the line for more than a year. Its digital asset management platform has accumulated a large number of users and operational experience through its diversified, high-quality product matrix, perfect business logic, obvious first-mover advantage. The team itself only has a deep understanding on the business model of the blockchain market, but also has strong market development capabilities and extensive experience in brand positioning, precision marketing and community building. These will become an important asset for InvestDigital to explore the global market.

It is reported that since its establishment in 2018, InvestDigital has not only been largely welcomed by users in the secondary market, but also won the favor of many domestic investment institutions. It has successively obtained institutional investment such as Huobi Eco, INBlockchain, Bixin, and JLAB and etc. In 2019, the InvestDigital team went to Hong Kong for business exchanges with internationally renowned investment institutions, and is expected to gain international capital assistance and accelerate the globalisation of the brand.

In the near future, InvestDigital will rely on its team of experts in the fields of quantitative finance, information security, and cryptography to create an upgraded version of digital asset investment services, fully open up international operations and global distribution, and speed up the globalisation process with the help of international capital.

Currently, institutions such as the New York Stock Exchange, JP Morgan, Facebook, and IBM are accelerating the deployment of digital currencies. Business competition in the field of digital currency is on the verge of being triggered, and it won’t wait for you!

With its first-mover advantage and deep experience in the digital currency industry, InvestDigital has sufficient reserves in terms of technical strength, market capacity and user scale, the digital currency financial group has formed a decent scale.

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