Henry Lam Ph.D., CEO of XYD.CN -SimpleCredit, participated in the Hong Kong-China Youth Exchange Symposium to share the company's business experiences in Chongqing


Dr. Lam, CEO of XYD.CN -SimpleCredit, participated in the Hong Kong-China Youth Exchange Symposium to share the company's business experiences in Chongqing in the past five years.

Dr. Lam mentioned that after earning his Ph.D. from the University of Chicago, he engaged in positions including management consultant, senior manager of marketing analysis, and senior director of risk analysis at Honeywell International and Enova International, Inc.(NYSE:ENVA), gaining extensive experiences regarding product design, risk analysis, marketing, and corporate management.

 In 2014, he was invited to Chongqing to lead as General Manager and embarked on the the establishment of XYD.CN. Guided by the philosophy of Chairman Xie Libin for the company, and based on Dr. Lam‘s outstanding international experience, he gradually nurtured a unique corporate culture for XYD.CN.


With the firm capital support of from Hong Kong, XYD.CN has successfully established a risk assessment system after three years’ effort with core technologies including big data, blockchain and artificial intelligence. As of March 2019, XYD.CN has grown from a small team of only 5 people to a top Internet Enterprise with more than 230 employees and nearly 70% of R&D personnel.

 At the symposium, Dr.Lam also shared his experience in terms of team management: unswerving promotion of transparent and flat management has enabled communications between the company's senior management and employees in an all-round way, further enhancing team cohesion and innovative power.

 Dr.Lam further pointed out that Chongqing is developing rapidly in terms of policy, culture, and economy, and it resembles Hong Kong in the past quite a lot. He expressed his affection to the city with the belief that XYD.CN will move ahead steadily together with Chongqing on the fast lane of development.


Representatives from the financial, education, catering and other industries also expressed their views. Participants said that the development experience of Dr. Lam and XYD.CN is inspiring and worthy of spreading, hoping people from Hong Kong would continue their love for both Hong Kong and the country, and learn from each other's strengths and make contributions to Chongqing's development.


Officials from the Chongqing Municipal Party Committee United Front Work Department, the Municipal Ministry of Commerce, the Hong Kong and Macao Office, and other relevant personnel witnessed the successful completion of this exchange.

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