Wave Robo Advisor: an AI Investment Software for Lazybones


 Wave Robo Advisor by Davinci Technology, is a new star in AI investment field. After nearly three years of research and more than a year of market test, Wave Robo Advisor has launched its product, Robo Advisor Family, which integrates the function of MT5, starts the craze of social investment, and breaks through the barriers between lazybones and investment experts.

What is Wave Robo Advisor?

As an online CFD margin trading service platform, Wave Robo Advisor mainly focuses on AI investment, one-click follow-up investment of CFD, providing professional and safe CFD follow-up trading service for lazy investors. Business scope includes CFD, precious metals, gold, silver, crude oil. For investment experts, Wave Robo Advisor also developed the MT5 function of independent trading, and successfully integrated one-click follow-up investment and independent trading. In addition, in popular discussion area, investors can communicate with senior analysts and trading experts at zero cost, which benefits investors especially the beginners a lot.

Software features: The homepage includes MT5 transactions, One-click buy, Market discussion, Wave info and other functional areas. There are also Beginner academy, and Earnings list. Users will not miss the first-hand global information.

Product trading: With intelligent investment as the technical highlight, Wave Robo Advisor has built Robo Advisor Family that integrates top AI, senior elite analysts and professional investment teams.

Trading conditions: CFD, precious metals, crude oil and global indexes are all included, with an average 30-day yield around 9.5 percent.


Is money safe in Wave Robo Advisor?

Whether the money is safe in Wave Robo Advisor concerns a lot of beginners.

Wave Robo Advisor is a NFA certification body(ID:0514866) and takes fund safety seriously. NFA is a non-commercial independent regulatory agency of futures and foreign exchange trading in the United States. As one of the world-renowned industry regulatory agencies, NFA implements regulations to prohibit fraud, manipulation and deceptive behaviors, as well as unfair and improper transactions. It puts an end to the capital risk problem of the user from very big level. In addition, Wave Robo Advisor is an officially authorized broker in Medak and subject to offshore supervision by the st. Vincent Financial Services Authority.

At present, Wave Robo Advisor is provided by British clearing house Barclays Bank with platform trading flow and clearing supervision services to ensure the safety of customers' funds. Trading through international trading platforms such as Barclays Bank, CME Group Commodity Exchange and Saxo Bank, Wave Robo Advisor ensures the safety of capital inflows and outflows.

 Follow the orders today, get the earnings tomorrow at 6:00am. The entry and exit threshold is as low as $200. T+0 withdrawal to the account. Do not have to worry about the problem of withdrawing money.

 In the Internet era, it is too difficult to find a safe and worry-free software. For lazybones, the best and least-risky choice is to follow orders in a social way. But no matter in which platform, remember to diversify investment. This is a sincere advice from Wave Robo Advisor, a software to make money for investors.


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