A Team fromIsrael Won the First Prize in JDD Global Digitalization Challenge

Teams registered via Chinese Mainland and Israel divisions won theglobal champion titles of JD Discovery-2018 Global Digitalization Challenge in Beijing on Sunday. Both teams received record-high prize of 500,000 yuan($70,000) and job offers from JD Digits.


Launched by JD Digits, a leading digital technology company in China, the competition aims to buildconnections between technical talents and industry leaders around the world.This is the second year for the world competition, and thequestions were under two topics—“population dynamics census and prediction” and “multi-sensor fusion localization for autonomous driving”.

More than 2,100 teams with over 3,000 young professionals and students fromseveralcountries such as China, USA, Spain, Israel, Russia, UK, Canada, France, had registered the competition in four divisions— Chinese mainland, Hong Kong, USA and Israel, since late November.

“We jointed the competition because the topic was closely related to our research program. We are grateful to JD Digits, since the competition is a great opportunity for us, graduate students, to get to know the practical needs from real industry, such as market developingtrends, equipment and census applications in real business,” said Chang Le, a PhD candidate at Wuhan University, and the team leader of “WH”, the global champion of “population dynamics census and prediction”.

“The biggest challenge we faced over the competition was how to write a properbusiness proposal. We thought it was more about introducingalgorithms and technologies. But now, we know better how to pitch the real business world through the competition. It is a precious experience for students like us,” said Yu Haibin, team leader of “Cheese&Chips” from the National University of Singapore. The team, representing the Israeli division, won the global champion title of “multi-sensor fusion localization for autonomous driving”.

Global AI and big data experts, industry leaders, and top investors had joined the competition as mentors and judges, such asChe Pinjue, Expert Partner at Sequoia Capital China; Leo Cui, Founder and CEO of TalkingData;Li Zhenjun, CEO of China Unicom Smart Steps Data Technology Co. Ltd.Zheng Yu, vice president of JD.COM and chief data scientist of JD Digits said at the award ceremony,“Holding a world-level competition shows JD Digits’ strong confidence on its cutting-edge technologies and profound understanding towards digitalization.JD Digits expects to discover more technology talents around the world, to explore more possibilities of data technology with them.”


About JD Digits

JD Digits was formerly known as JD Finance until it was comprehensively upgraded and rebranded in November 2018. Its operational purpose is to connect the finance industry and real economy by using digital technology, boosting the influence of the Internet, enhancing digital and smart industry development, fostering the development of the real economy and creating greater social value.

With its cutting-edge technologies and expertise in big data, AI, IoT and blockchain, JD Digits has been involved in many fields, including finance, urban computing, agriculture, campus services and digital marketing. In the future, JD Digits will enter more real economy sectors and will more deeply explore current business patterns and developing trends.


Company: JD Digits Holdings limited

Address: 18th, Science and Technology 11th Street, Yizhuang Economic and Technological Development Zone, Beijing

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Contact: Wan Yu

Contact number: +86 15801744075

Mobile: +86 15801744075


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