IMAS Special Training Camp Opens to Cultivate Elite Traders in 3 Months


Abstract: Recently IMAS(Investment methods and Strategies)opens its a specail training camp of foreign exchange, in which the curriculum mainly includes theory training+practical guidance about fundamental analysis, technical analysis, trading mentality, market trends, risk control and so on. The curriculum targets to solve the problem, and tailors to individual trading methods, to cultivate a new generation of elite traders.

IMAS, located in Hong Kong, China, is an consulting company focusing on middle-class individual investors. IMAS was founded in Hong Kong, the financial center of Asia, by the experienced investment master Mr. Li Jiawei. Based on the global investment market research, foreign exchange investment advisory services, IMAS aims to popularize foreign exchange investment promotion, risk control, and to achieve asset appreciation.

IMAS has many professional trading teachers with rich experience, who are engaged in the well-known investment and financing institutions at home and abroad. IMAS team shares with students the internal unique trading system. Problem analysis and interactive Q&A are also included. Students lack of experience at the beginning can execute under and instructions by the trading system and senior analysts. Problems encountered in the execution can get the correct answer in time, errors can be timely corrected.

IMAS( has been committed to promoting positive financial values and guiding people to make the right choice in investment. In order to be a winner in the foreign exchange market, as well as to develop exquisite skills and a good trading mentality, one must be determined to receive a full range of basic skills in foreign exchange training in the early stage, cultivate the right trading system value, and devote three months of training.

In the previous IMAS special training camp, students generally felt the effect was significant after the completion of the 3-month training, with the average monthly income exceeding 20%. Such obvious effect also achieved the students praise. They  trusted IMAS even more, and registered to be the members of IMAS one after another to continue their journey of investment and financial management.



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