WAVE ROBO ADVISOR ‘s successful access to MT5 foreign exchange trading platform

03-09 海讯社

Recently, an document issued by the State Council of the People's Republic of China mentioned that China would propose to expand the scale and scope of cross- border use of RMB in provinces and cities. This indicates a bright future of cross- border RMB transactions in Guangdong , Hong Kong and Macao areas. 

At the same time, Hong Kong Davinci Technology Limited announced that its black horse product, wave intelligence investment software, had been officially accessed to MT5 platform, which achieved the one-click order and independent trading functions two in one. 

DaVinci Technology Limited obtained the official authorization of MetaQuotes Software last year. First, it launched the MT5 trading software on PC and mobile phone, which was widely acclaimed. Now, WAVE ROBO ADVISOR ‘s successful access to MT5 is considered as the unremitting effort on financial product research and development and how to invest more conveniently. 

Here are some characteristics after accessing to MT5 trading : 

1.No need to download a separate MT5. It can be real-time synchronization of the officially trading system, as well as the market information rolling, so that investors can have a first-hand grasp of the global industry updates; 

2.Trading starts at $100, eliminating the awkwardness of guarantee deposit and high transaction threshold;

3.Easy switch for the one-click order and independent trading function, trading discussion area for both newcomers and veterans;

4. The interface is simple and easy to understand. One-click buy and sell function is supported, stop profit and stop loss can be freely set. 

Now checked by hundreds of thousands of users, WAVE ROBO ADVISOR opens a new chapter again. The function of easy switch between one-click order and independent trading is an innovative breakthrough in foreign exchange trading software, which is more convenient to improve investors' experience. 

With the advancement of the Outline, more and more banking institutions will conduct cross-border RMB transactions in the future, and the cross-border investment between the people in continental area and Hong Kong and Macao will become more extensive.

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