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03-09 海讯社

From August2 to 4th, ARM Partner Meeting was held in Cambridge, UK. More than thousands of ARM use partners from all of world come to Cambridge to join this big event. Tian Jin Kylin information technology Co. Ltd. (TKC) was invited as the only Enterprise Linux Operating System vendor from China to attend the meeting.

The Chinese IC design company Phytium Technology Co., Ltd just launched the world first ARM 64 cores CPU-FT2000/64 for enterprise products with low power high performance application, TKC released a new version Kylin enterprise Linux operating system at the same time which has been tested and well adapted through the new FT2000/64 platform developing boards, ready to provide satisfying products for users to smoothly apply their business application.

Kylin Enterprise Linux OS is the only Linux OS supporting FT CPU. With strategic cooperation, “Kylin OS+FT CPU” gradually set up ARM CPU based mature application ecosystem, “Kylin OS+FT CPU (ARM64)” structure office equipment, enterprise servers, network switches, Internet storage and cloud computing platform have been applied in many fields in China such as government, telecommunications, banks, energy enterprises, ITS and Internet companies, when making tradeoff among performance, power and cost.

 During the period of APM, A few important technical discuss between Kylin and other ARM based international mainstream partners has been arranged, cooking for more strategic cooperation. TKC aims to become the best Enterprise Linux OS developer and partner for ARM based platform Ecosystem fast growing industrial expedition in China market, and help Chinese users set up secure, efficient and trusted information system.

About Tianjin Kylin Information technology Co. Ltd.(TKC)

TKC is a Chinese famous high technology company which focus on providing leading Enterprise Linux Operating system, high performance Cloud computing and ARM CPU eco-system development. TKC headquarter locates in Tianjin, sales and marketing center in Beijing and R&D centers in Changsha, Tianjin as well.

Kylin Enterprise Linux OS is providing the highest level of security protection service of system software products, including Kylin Enterprise Linux Server Series/Kylin Enterprise Linux Desktop Series, Kylin-cloud computing, Cloud desktops and solutions. 

TKC has a strategic cooperation with Phytium company whom is the first ARM CPU provider for enterprise application, and Kylin Enterprise Linux OS is the only Linux OS provider supporting Phytium CPU.

Kylin OS series products have been widely applied in most industries including E-government, Finance, Energy resources, Public security, State Grid electricity,etc., “Kylin OS+ Phytium CPU(Arm core)” have been successfully accepted by China Enterprise customers because of higher performance and better compatibility in ARM Eco-Chain application.

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