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Guild Gem Laboratories Ruby Research Forum “RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT TREND OF NEW AFRICAN RUBY PRODUCTIONS” was held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC) during the Hong Kong JEWELLERY & GEM FAIR on September 17, 2018.


The forum guests included GUILD Chief Field Gemologist Andy Lucas, international ruby research expert Gaston Giuliani, internationally renowned Fine Jewelry & Watch artist Shirley Zhang and experts in jewelry industry.

The guests witnessed and learned about the African ruby’s latest production status released by GUILD, discussing the development trend of ruby together.


Ruby, one of the world's four precious stones, plays an important role in the colored gemstone market. Mogok is the most famous origin. Because of rarity, great colors and strong fluorescence, Mogok rubies have high value.

Since 2009, Mozambique has discovered a large reserve of ruby mines, soon becoming the world's highest-yield ruby mine. In addition, rubies are produced in Thailand, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Vietnam, Tanzania, Kenya, etc.

However, the exploration of ruby is continuing. The new rubies were discovered in Tanzania, Africa in this year. GUILD gemologists went to the mining area firstly for a full-scale scientific investigation.

The forum invited 3 honored guests from the gemology, academic and design circles to interpret the gemological characteristics and quality of African ruby.

We invited the professor Andy Shen from the Gemmological Institute China University of Geosciences(Wuhan).

Gaston Giuliani, international ruby research expert and the director of the French National Research Center, takes a speech about the African Rubies’ stories in time.

GUILD Chief Field Gemmologist Andy Lucas reports the new African Ruby Productions.

Famous Fine Jewelry& Watch Artist, ICA director Shirley Zhang

Famous Fine Jewelry & Watch Artist Shirley Zhang is invited to tell us about the design inspiration and application of African ruby watch and jewelry. The ruby jewelry is also on display at the scene.

Guild Gem Laboratories presented the roughs, loses and inlaid rubies from the African ruby mine.

Table discussion about ruby research and development trend.Guests discusses research and development trend of rubies.

The field research on New African Rubies Productions, the gemological characteristics of African rubies and the magnificent ruby jewelry and watch, including the mining area to the market, and the rough to the jewelry, audiences must have a deeper understanding of African ruby.


At the same time, we believe the forum will bring new vitality to the market. This forum is undoubtedly a sharing and exchange conference congregating field research, academic research and art design. We believe that the public and gemological circles will have a more comprehensive understanding of ruby and gemology.

Looking forward to meeting you at the next GUILD Gemology Forum! GUILD will have more professional knowledge exchange and sharing in the future.


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