Focus on Value and Benefit the Future 2018 Investor Conference and the 13th Anniversary Celebration of Bojiang Capital held in Hangzhou

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On September 9, the 2018 investor conference and the 13 anniversary celebration of Bojiang Capital were successfully held in Zhejiang Great Hall of the People. More than 1,000 fund investors, governmental leaders concerned, Bojiang Capital partners and the representatives from outstanding investees attended the conference.


Delivering Beauty and Value, Our Lifelong Belief

Reward investors’ trust with professionalism. Shi Liangyu, the Director of the Chairman Office of Bojiang Capital, reported 1,000 LPs the conditions of fund raising, team development and investment performance etc. in the past year objectively in detail. Mir. Shi pointed out, “Bojiang Capital has made remarkable achievements in every respect in 2017-2018, with projects in contact and those approved both breaking the record. It stayed at the forefront of the industry for a percentage of investment projects receiving follow-up financing up to 59%.”

Luo Tian, a founding partner and the CEO of Bojiang Capital, in his keynote lecture Delivering Beauty and Value, Our Lifelong Belief, underlined that “Investment needs not only a feeling but also holding fast to. All of the business models in the long history are no more than two words: love and mercy. A company loving the society gives back to the society actively; a company filled with mercy does things of great feelings. Bojiang will be touched by the entrepreneurs with feelings who strive day and night for better tomorrow with great ambitions, and Bojiang is willing to go with such entrepreneurs and help them make their dreams come true.”  


Luo Tian, a founding partner of Bojiang Capital, giving a keynote lecture

“One cannot go far after losing his original will. For Bojiang, the original will and mission is to energize valuable enterprises and create more value for investors and the society,” Luo Tian said forcefully.

Technology Changing Life, and Innovation Taking Lead in the Future

Later on, Huang Xiaoqing (the CEO of CloudMinds), Zhang Shenghua (the cofounder and CEO of CONE), Wang Weidong (the CEO of Bicai), Zhang Haiying (the CEO of DST), and Lan Xi (the CEO of will give their keynote lectures respectively, letting the LPs hear the voice from front-line enterprises.

Huang Xiaoqing, the CEO of CloudMinds, the first cloud intelligent robot operator in the world, expressed that what the age of cloud intelligence brought to industrial circles was a smart industry greater than the sum of the automotive industry and the Internet industry. There even might be a breakthrough - from weak AI to strong AI - in the foreseeable future. CloudMinds would serve the society with better technology in the forefront of the times.”

Zhang Shenghua, the co-founder and CEO of CONE, introduced the latest progress of his company, “Since the return from the US to Shenzhen in 2016, CONE has been committed to achieving leaps in China new materials. It now has built the world’s first DWT array carbon nano-tube production line, which is the first industrial breakthrough.”

In the keynote lecture New Bicai, New Direct Banking and New Ecology, Wang Weidong, the CEO of Bicai, disclosed that, by the end of the first half of 2018, Bicai achieved 90% coverage of direct banking products, 51 million activated users, up to 15.86 million monthly active users, and a peak monthly turnover of CNY7.8 billion. Nowadays, Bicai has grown into a “financial technology platform creating value with technology and reshaping the industry value chain” from a simple “platform for cost comparison and selection of financial products”.

Zhang Haiying, the CEO of DST, introduced, “DST is committed to providing express logistics and city distribution enterprises with one-stop new energy logistics fleets leasing and operation supporting services. So far, we have had more than 15,000 new energy logistics vehicles of different types, our business have covered more than 50 cities including Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, and our self-built stations and partner stations have had about more than 2,000 charging outlets.”

Lan Xi, the CEO of, led the investment in finance and TMT once as the capital executive director of IDG and founded this domestically leading consumer platform for businesses,, in 2015. Lan Xi pointed out that aimed to help enterprises to cut down expenses on business travel, dinning and purchasing etc. with intelligent SaaS control system and push enterprises forward to a new age of consumption on business.

At the entrepreneur forum, Xu Lixin, the partner and vice president of Bojiang Capital, had a summit dialogue with Wang Anquan (the CEO of Fumi), Tian Liang (the CEO of Newtranx Technology), Bai Yifeng (the chairman of Variety Space), Zheng Zhanjun (the CEO of Court Cloud) and Jiang Hai (the CEO of Bubi), discussing the social value and social responsibilities of enterprises.

Energizing Valuable Enterprises to Build a Win-win Platform Hand in Hand

Bojiang believes that basic elements for all successful enterprises are always similar in corporate values and inner logic. For this reason, this January, Bojiang Capital initiated the 2018 value alliance annual conference, aiming to build a platform for information exchange, resource linking and win-win cooperation and to bring enterprises real value and opportunities. At this investor conference, Bojiang Capital launched the inauguration of “value alliance” officially together with a dozen of entrepreneurs.



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