YEX Global Decentralized Digital Currency Exchange Witnesses A Subversive Innovation on Digital Asset Trading and Asset Management

07-09 Mars Finance

Recent years has seen the encryption algorithm driven by blockchain technology find its huge popularity in the financial and commercial fields. As one of innovation fields of financial technology, blockchain has attracted much concern from many a country, field and giant, and been a key part of development strategic transformation of digital asset trading platforms. Under this backdrop, renowned Wall Street financial institutions including Yahoo, SBI Holdings, Inc, Bank of America, Merrill Lynch take advantage of this favourable situation for market access, recruit elites and map out efficient layout, and all give investment in the one-stop YEX decentralized digital currency investment service platform.

Jointly set up by 13 financial institutions and technology companies from different countries such as Yahoo (USA), SBI Holdings, Inc, Austin Ventures and GLOBESPAN, YEX global decentralized digital currency exchange centers on the USA, radiates to countries and regions including China, Japan, South Korea, Russia, the UK, France, and realizes global user selection and trust in the end. Trading system of YEX, equipped with perfect security mechanism and strong underlying structure, aims to effectively bridge ordinary investors and digital currency asset managers, and to remove ordinary investors’ distrust in digital asset management services.

Pioneering a brand-new trading mode in whole network, YEX platform will interconnect with the market depth and breadth of global major exchanges in an effective manner and provide higher liquidity to contribute to more comprehensive, reliable and accurate data. At the same time, A combination done by YEX between the matchmaking trading rules of the centralized exchange and smart exchange governed by the underlying logic specification of the blockchain focuses on the principle of fully 100% equal and transparent trading and accepts the supervision from all users, and remains committed to forging a safe, stable, open, transparent, equal global decentralized blockchain digital asset trading platform of mutual trust. YEX platform is sitting on following ten core advantages of business innovation:

(1) An international platform: first-class international multilingual team accountable for maintenance platform operation and sustainable development;

(2) Financial security: utilizing graphene block chain technology of high performance;

(3) High-speed order matching: faster and more convenient to trade and deposit digital assets;

(4) Customized value assets: all individuals, companies and organizations being entitled to create and publish customized valuable digital assets on YEX platform and achieve more accurate configuration;

(5) YEX ecological token: one-billion circulation with anchored quantity and never being added;

(6) Conforming to KYC and AML: eliminating false transactions and fostering a legal and safe trading environment;

(7) All-weather online customer service: year-round service by 24 hour customer service online to solve problems and offer warm service;

(8) Fast payment: real time deposit and withdrawal with no reason to block;

(9) YEX evaluation system: screening YEX agents, providing users with exchange services between digital assets and YEX legal currency;

(10) Multi-platform terminal access: in favor of multiple terminals such as IOS, Android and computer to access transactions, beneficial to customers of varying habits.

Going forward, YEX platform will forge a global ecological industrial chain integrating technology R & D, generation research, open platform and related investment. At the same time, YEX decentralized digital asset trading platform will never cease its step in boosting reformation in technological innovation, product iteration, security risk control system, global operation and customer service system; moreover, it will delve into more opportunities in blockchain in the digital era, live up all expectations from the digital era, and continuously press ahead advancement and progress of digital currency in commercial applications and industrial landing applications; in the end, it will cast the most valuable industrial ecosystem of blockchain, and come to be an integrated service platform of most reputation and secure for blockchain digital asset trading in the world.

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