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In the world of blockchain, the term "mining" is derived from the Bitcoin system invented by Satoshi Nakamoto, which is to calculate the hash value in the system he developed and give Bitcoin to the person who calculates the final result. Reward, this behavior was compared by Satoshi Nakamoto to mining gold.

Mining is a distributed consensus system that includes the transaction data to be confirmed in the blockchain and completes the confirmation of these transactions. Through mining, it is mandatory to ensure that the data in the block chain is stored in chronological order, maintain the neutrality of the Bitcoin network, and allow different computers on the Bitcoin network to agree on the state of the system. Therefore, no collective or individual can control what content is contained in the blockchain or replace part of the content in the blockchain. Unified Mining was initiated by the British Foundation, with the mission of evangelizing the blockchain, with the most competitive hardware facilities in the industry, professional and complete software supporting, and an experienced management operation and maintenance team. At the same time, liquidity mining, pledge mining and physical mining machine mining are realized on the basis of DeFi to provide global users with a safe, stable, transparent, fair, low-cost, and high-yield mining return space.

Stable and reliable

After the mining machine is purchased, it is hosted in the Mining World Cloud Mine, and professionally maintained 7x24.

Open settlement

The income is directly sent to the customer's wallet address, the electricity bill is paid in RMB, and the accounts are made public.

real time monitoring

Real-time check the operation status of the mining machine in the mining pool, check the computing power and income

The strategic layout of the mining industry independently developed by the unified mining industry is committed to providing users with a full-cycle solution from mining to asset management, so that each participant has his own digital currency and allows each participating user to be in the ecosystem. Obtain high-value returns.

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