Shakespeare's fund equities token——BYXZ


         The only sketching of William Shakespeare, which is anchored to be worth 4 billion dollars, has been stored more than 400 hundred years in the world. Enjoy the complete copyright of the sketching, move with the times, promote the super value of the industry!

  BYX-taking Shakespeare as the subject, which in order to make some culture industries, such as movie, culture, technology, education, health care real estate and so on. And it introduced the cultural digital assets divided storage chain with the top technology of block chain, which helped to spread Chinese culture around the world and build the international brand of BYX. It combined the trend of the internet technology development, and firstly created the digital industrial ecology of cultural subject, which linked to the global cultural industry market. By the professional design team, we developed the bottom technology of public chain, which is in the line with industrial characteristics and provided with practical application scenarios. Block chain+ culture +finance with developing new ecology of cultural industry will promote the brand new page of developing the cultural industry with no doubt, and accelerate the value circulation of cultural products property rights. BYX, is going global.

The stock exchange market demand rises so fast , the main Web site of BYX recommends the first sand painting of equities token,《Portrait of Shakespeare》——right token: deal with all the ownership right and trading demand of artwork , the spirit  and  interests inheritance will be spread all over the word by through community governance, consensus and sharing of all rights and interests in the Portrait of Shakespeare. The Portrait of Shakespeare through the transformation of "link stocks with the same fund", all the people holding the certificate in the world jointly maintain Shakespeare culture, preach all kinds of industries with "BYXZ" culture as the main body in the world, "innovative development, joint governance" to build Shakespeare's cultural industry ecology, BYXZ will be launched.Shakespeare's brand strategy is linking to the world.

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