LEC Public Welfare Fund has a market value of over US $12 million and completed its first public welfare donation!

07-19 Mars Finance

The market value of the world's first LEC public welfare fund pool managed completely by smart contracts exceeded 12 million US dollars, and the first donation was completed today. This public welfare activity, proposal, voting and donation were all completed by smart contracts, and LEC made history!


Smart contract judgment: the number of LEC valid currency holding addresses is currently 5851, and the number of donated LECs is 585.1, that is, 0.1 LEC donation quota is triggered for every valid address. The transaction hash is 0x6ca03820bb71a59fb8a42f0c8c1a1129057463ca10e8d85ecd2a6b4ca647b1dd. The money will be used to provide Free Lunch to 200 elderly people in Hong Kong, and the insufficient amount will be sponsored by LEC Hong Kong community members.

LEC has a total of 1 billion token, of which 500 million are locked in the smart contract of the public welfare fund and can only be used for global humanitarian donations; 100 million are locked in the treasury smart contract and can only be used for community leaders, stars, artists, public welfare people, etc. who have made significant contributions to LEC public welfare projects; the remaining 400 million are put into UNISWAP at one time and the LP Token is destroyed.

LEC's four contracts: token contract, public welfare fund contract, treasury contract and voting contract have all passed the most stringent security audit by CERTIK, the world's largest blockchain audit institution.

The biggest feature of the industry's evaluation of LEC public welfare fund is the full transparency of the process. The selection of public welfare targets, transfer payment, quota management and collection account management are all under the management of smart contracts and under the supervision of 21,100,003 LEC voters who voted for the first time.

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