IPFS International Digital Asset Valuation Trading System officially launches globally on July 7


Recently, the official news from the IPFS Trading System shows that the web version of its IPFS International Digital Asset Valuation Trading System will officially launch globally on July 7. Relying on the superior performance of the trading system and comprehensive digital asset trading functions, it will bring secure, stable and convenient one-stop service to global digital asset trading, investment and management in a new era of digital asset trading.


According to the head of IPFS Trading System, adhering to the  intention of solving the pain spot of blockchain trading system, it will build a stable and reliable blockchain trading market. The IPFS Trading System builds a fast, stable and secure trading ecosystem connecting the world through the innovative IPFS underlying protocol. It is committed to building the underlying protocol of digital asset trading, changing the application value ecology of blockchain, providing digital asset valuation trading solutions, prompting the platform to obtain a larger user group, and striving for higher income and stronger risk resistance ability of investors.


According to statistics, up to now, there are nearly 2000 kinds of digital currencies in the world, with a total market value of about 200 billion US dollars. With the high frequency of digital currency transactions, the demands for the trading system are increasing. This will provide a huge market for IPFS International Digital Asset Valuation Trading System.


According to the information released, IPFS International Digital Asset Valuation Trading System is a project based on the IPFS Internet underlying transmission protocol. It will provide functions such as market icons and financial systems to bring users a safe and reliable digital asset valuation. In the user terminal, it provides one-stop service experience to users' PC and APP; in the protocol layer, the personalized mode can be carried out by the smart contract agreement according to the needs of the project side and the investors; In the transaction layer, the flow of matchmaking transaction and the security of the whole network transaction are solved; In the settlement layer, it provides users with the transparency of asset data and the convenience of efficient clearing; In addition, it provides a high-performance wallet solution and independent wallet isolation processing to solve the asset security problem. After the launch of the web version, it may become the world's top distributed storage digital asset trading system, creating a new era of digital asset trading.


Moreover, in order to better serve global users, the global operation team of IPFS Trading System will set up branches in the United States, China, Japan, Singapore, South Korea and other countries and regions, striving to become the world's leading digital asset trading platform with one-stop service for global users.

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