EPC eco environmental protection chain Officially Announces public chain R & D to create a decentralized consensus mechanism


Public chain refers to the blockchain that anyone in the world can access to the system at any time to read data, send confirmatory transactions and compete for bookkeeping. The public chain is generally considered to be "completely decentralized" because no individual or organization can control or tamper with the reading and writing of data in it.

Generally, the public chain will encourage participants to compete for bookkeeping through token mechanism to ensure data security. In terms of application, blockchain public chain includes super ledger and smart contract.

EPC eco environmental protection chain has released a decentralized incentive mechanism. As a distributed ledger technology, it has such hot spots as information tampering, openness, transparency and traceability. This record will not be tampered with, and every transaction will be as traceable as "express". It is reported that the EPC eco-environmental protection chain is in the stage of R & D, and it can be completed and put online in August, which marks a new breakthrough in blockchain technology for EPC's independently developed technology core. In the near future, it will upgrade the node packaging speed of its independently developed public chain system, from 15 seconds to 5 seconds. It can be seen that EPC highlights a new generation of independent, open and decentralized competitive advantage in independent public chain technology and governance mode.

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